Is your sales copy delivering results like these?

CDC Scotland Ltd are getting more exposure for their oil rig.  (Yes, oil rig*.)

Boothroyd Detectives are getting more online enquiries from angst-ridden lovers.

Gilding the Lily Interiors are getting more visitors to their bricks and mortar store.

John, Bob and Joanne wanted to grow their businesses.  They hired me to write their sales copy.

And now they’re each getting more customers, customers who spend more and customers who stay with them longer.

Would you like the same for your business?

What do you need your customers to do?

Think of the results you need to be successful. To get those results – what do you need your customers to do?

Join your mailing list?  Visit your shop?  Buy from you.

But before your customers will subscribe, visit or buy you have to get their attention. You have to call to them in a crowded room with the only voice they’ll hear.

You have to reach out and touch them; flood them with understanding and nail the nitty gritty of their problem. Then and only then you offer them your irresistible solution.

And that’s where I come in.

Read on and discover how Mission Copywriting increased turnover and web enquiries for business owners and saved time for marketing managers and web developers.

Do you have the time to spend researching and writing?

I work with business owners, marketing managers and web developers who are short on time and don’t love writing.

Finding the words to move people to action is rarely easy but research makes it easier. As a copywriter the most important part of my job isn’t writing – it’s research. Research into you, your business and your customers.

My job is to persuade your customers to do what you want them to do. So I delve deep into their minds. I view the world from their eyes and gain a better understanding of what their problems really are. Then I show them how your solution was made just for them.

Are we right for each other?

I work with business owners who want more: more enquiries, more shop visits, more sales.

And I work with web developers who love to design but hate to write.  (Or who are fed up waiting for clients to produce their own web copy.)

I prefer to meet in person.  And I ask a lot of questions. But if location is an issue then Skype and the telephone work just fine.

Could your sales copy be better, work harder or deliver more?

What would your business look like if the copy on your website, sales letters, emails or brochures worked harder?

What results could you achieve with clear, direct and relevant communication with your customer?

To find out  – call me now and while it’s on your mind – 0141 416 5540.  Or email me.

Let’s work together, figuring out what actions you want your customers to take.  Then I’ll come up with the words that deliver.

Jacqueline Morrison Copywriter



Jacqueline Morrison, copywriter

*When I say ‘oil rig’ it is actually a design for a DP2 self-propelled jack-up vessel.  But if I say ‘DP2 self-propelled jack-up vessel’ you might very well say ‘Eh?’  But if I say ‘oil rig’, you might be more likely to say ‘Ah’ and a picture comes to mind.